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KISS(Keep it Simple Sam) on a Kayak overnight camp

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Camping with a kayak is one of our favorite things to do here at Kayak the Colorado. If you haven't done it before, it can be a daunting task because who wants to be caught outside without one of the essential ingredients like a sleeping bag? Who wants to lug a bunch of junk you don't need or won't use? Here we will attempt to get you thinking.

We suggest to Keep it Simple Stupid. Full disclosure, we are into stealth low impact camping. Take our advice with a grain of salt, there is more ways to skin a cat. Add whatever you like to your pack. Below is a picture of our basics. Pack your gear into small drybags so they are easy to stuff into a sit in kayak. OR Get an inflatable for the gear hogs and easy pack.




Pump, repair if inflatable

First your Sleep Kit (1 dry bag):

Sleeping Pad

Tent (if weather), or 6 X 6 Tarp for sleeping under the stars, or Mega Mid Floorless tents for the best of both worlds

Sleeping Bag or Summer Sheet (100 degree +) appropriate to the conditions

Camp Pillow or (use your extra clothes)

Chair Optional

Sustenance and Cooking (dry bag #2):

Small stove like a pocket rocket($69), Jet Boil ($120), Glacier Camp stove($29)

Gas, hook it up before you go if you are not sure you have the right gas container

Lighter X 2

Aluminum pot to boil water

coffee cup

Utensils Needed

Water 1 gallon/day or water filter and 1 Liter Water bottle

Small hand soap

Food is always important on camping trips but to what end? Do I wanna worry about ice, and grease, etc on an overnight in the wilderness? I prefer to keep it simple. If I have to do more than boil water, I am not into it. I'd rather go for a hike with my morning coffee and enjoy the view or crush my book.

Lunch PBJ

Dinner Rice and Tasty Bites, or spaghetti/sauce & veggie sausages

Breakfast Coffee and Oats/Raisins/nuts/brown sugar

Lunch Tuna/Crackers/Cheese

Hearty Snacks like nuts, and dried fruit

Clothing (dry bag #2)

Appropriate to the weather of course. Most folks are going to wear the same items on a simple overnight and do very little changing IMHO.



Fleece upper

Fleece pants

wool socks

shoes, you don't mind getting wet

Woolie Hat (Winter)

Puffer Jacket (Winter)

Rain Pant & Jacket (Inclement weather)

Layers (Winter)

Miscellaneous Things one may want


First Aid

Bocce for you and your partner or group

Firewood (never build your own firepit)



Headlamp ( I like my headlamp:)


Fishing Pole

Tackle Box

Stuff Stuffed. How romantic.

Packed and Ready for a night in the Wilderness. The only thing left is to book the trip.

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