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Is Lee's Ferry Boat Ramp Open for Covid ?

For all those that stayed home in March and April, giving the scientists, and hospitals a time to catch up, THANK YOU!

Now that we are learning the nuances, and more people are building an immunity (we hope) lessening the spread to ALL, it may be time to start thinking about a check up from the neck up around Horseshoe Bend. And Nature may be just the place to recharge. The Wilderness is a great place to social distance, and isolate. Lee's Ferry at the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is a slice of wild natural heaven where one can easily slip into nature on your own terms. We at Kayak the Colorado have setup a good safe way to backhaul into nature for our clients.

First, getting here. Although the Navajo Reservation is closed to visitors so the native population can restrict, learn, and adjust exposure practices, 89A to Marble Canyon and Lee's Ferry Wilderness is open! Fill up your tank in Flagstaff as safely as you like masks, wash your hands, disposable gloves, and then it's 2 hours to Lee's Ferry, Don't stop for hitchhikers:)

Second, pull up and drop your gear near the dock, we at KTC will be waiting with our clean spacious boat. Before and After every backhaul we wipe down our boat. Also, we are learning that the sun is a tough environment for the virus, and our boat gets baked all day further cleansing the boat surfaces.

Third, 1 hour to Petroglyph Beach or Dam and you are on your own. Kayak and camp your way to a beautiful solitude not found anywhere else in the US:)

If you need lodging in the area ? Checkout We have several vacation rentals on the property from which to bounce into all sorts of nature. Boating, biking, hiking, fishing, climbing, canyoneering, Marble Canyon has it all! Lees Ferry Lodge @ the Vermilion Cliffs thoroughly clean every bedding used, as well as put our rooms to bed for 3 days before we clean them and open them back up. Secondly we wipe every surface with bleach or isopropyl alcohol. Our clients can rest assured with our multi tiered approach they are safe from virus transmission. Finally, there are no Covid cases in Marble Canyon !

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