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Backhaul Jet Boat Service

The Backhaul service is the best way to be transported upstream beyond Horseshoe Bend during your kayak rental in Lake Powell excursion.  From there paddlers can spend the day returning to Lee's Ferry and their awaiting vehicle.  **There is no downstream traffic below Lee's Ferry

Sit On Top Kayak

Great All Around Boat April to October.  Max weight 250 lbs.  Comes complete with a paddle and life jacket.  Great beginner boat. If approaching the weight max, try an inflatable.  

Sit On Top Tandem Kayak

Great Daily Boat for 2 people. April to October.  Max 400 lbs.  Comes Complete with 2 paddles, and 2 life vests. Not good for camping, go with the inflatable.  https://www.liquidlogickayaks.com/product/LRCO1315.html

Sit In Tandem (1).jpeg
Sit In Tandem Kayak

Sit In Tandem Hardshell Kayak comes complete with kayak, 2 paddles, 2 life vests.  Fast, stable, dry boat for any time of the year booking Colorado River Boat rentals.  Gear must fit inside the spacious storage areas.500 lbs max capacity.

Sit in Kayak (1).jpg
15 foot Canoe

15 foot Canoe comes complete with Canoe, 2 paddles, and life vests.  Canoe is stable and fast.  Carries gear for an overnight, dry for colder months.  450 lbs max

Inflatable Kayak

Inflatable kayak comes complete with boat, paddle, pump, and life vest.  Very stable and carries dry bags like a champ for overnight trips.

tandem inflatable.jpeg
Inflatable Kayak.jpg

Our 10 foot paddleboat is great for 2-4 people, or parents with small kids.  Comes complete with boat, pump, 4 paddles, up to 4 life vests.  Can carry gear easily for overnight trips, or transport many people for a fun day.

Oar Rig

10 foot Oar Rig comes complete with boat, pump, oars, cooler(seat).  Easy to oar, carries gear 1 rower and/or 1 passenger.  Great for overnights and 2 parents with child 5+ years old.


Stand up Paddle Board (SUP)

SUP's do take a bit of athleticism and focus to paddle.  Athletic people can adjust the core strength needed to balance and propel.  Less balanced and athletic will find they will get wet and spend a lot of times on their knees.

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70 L Drybag

The 15L- 70L Drybag can carry a small load to tent, bag, clothes, and food for an overnight adventure, or the essential for a day trip.

You can choose either a 15L or 70L.

16 foot 40 HP Jet 

The Hog Island 16 foot motor boat is propelled by a 40 HP Jet motor.  You will need a vehicle with a receiver (2" ball) in order to launch.  KTC does cannot launch the boat for clients.  Drivers of boat must have experience with motorcraft and boat launching experience.  You will also need to gas up the cans before you return.