Monsoon Activity

Updated: Apr 8

Although the Arizona is mostly dry and temperate, SOMETIMES it Pours for an hour or two and its is magical!

But it can also be dangerous! During July-September Monsoon rains can bring high winds, and an enormous amount of rainfall in a short period. See our Wind on the River Blog

Never hike in side canyons when there is a possibility of rain. Storm clouds, and thunder are a sure sign the possibility of a flash flood exists. Flash floods are floods that can engulf a canyon in minutes and injure the unprepared hiker. Stay out of the Side Canyons if there is any chance of rain. If you see water in a normally dry riverbed get to high ground, there may be a wall of water coming your way. After you determine the flood has passed or the danger will not come, make a quick exit. Flash floods kill people every year in Arizona, it need not happen.

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